Can I go back to college as an adult?

My name is Allison Woods and I have worked with adult learners in a variety of settings for a long time. When it comes to completing a college degree,

I have found that many adults have two strong feelings:

First—they want it pretty badly.

Secondly—they are scared to death.

Unfortunately, I have seen it happen where the second emotion—fear—takes precedence over the first emotion, desire. As a result, men and women go through their lives wishing and wanting, but believing the lie that a college degree isn’t for them.

As the Admissions Counselor for Adult Programs and Veterans, it is my job to dispel that myth! Yes, it is scary to go back to college, especially if the first time (or several times) wasn’t that successful. But Newman University and our Degree Completion Programs are designed for adults and veterans who are willing to step out—even in the face of fear—and accomplish the goal they have been putting off.

Call or email me today and let’s work together to fulfill this dream!

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5 Responses to Can I go back to college as an adult?

  1. Laura says:

    Keep going! I hope that ¦%BLOGTITLE% receives the resonance it deserves.

  2. olofinnagu says:

    OK. thaks it is going to help me lot.. If you free pls update more details

  3. Joseph Jones says:

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    adult student

  4. I went back to college at age 43. Fear and motivation were two of my main driving forces. I managed to get through it intact and discovered my academic rebirth along the way. I amazed myself, completing two years of undergraduate work and two years of graduate work with a 4.0 gpa. Incredible how being older, more mature contributed to this success. I was no longer distractable from my goal to get those degrees. I encourage anyone hesitating due to their advanced age from going back to school to challenge your fears and give it a shot. Did me a world of good.

  5. bosco okoth says:

    I am working in saudi arabia in hospitality industry,i would like to further my education as this has always been my ambition but to some reasons,i never joined university to complete my studies..i do read alot and write as well.You can see my mostly i write about social issues,affecting the society around me.I need help to join.a university like newman.I have made a decision,as i don’t want to be stuck in a dead end job.

    desperate to be an interlectual.

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