Some Reasons to Attend NU!

Wichita has a huge selection of higher education options for the non-traditional student. We have several technical schools, community college sites, WSU and other Regent school campuses as well as private faith-based institutions like Newman. With so many colleges to choose from, why should an adult pick Newman?

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What Do Adults Want?

Newman University had a booth at the Wichita Women’s Fair last weekend. We didn’t think we would get in, but there was a last minute cancellation and—with the help of a LOT of people—we pulled it off! It was great to have the opportunity to visit with so many women (and even some men)! Continue reading

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How Do I Get Started?

Adult Students are often intimidated by the admissions process. Continue reading

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Can I go back to college as an adult?

My name is Allison Woods and I have worked with adult learners in a variety of settings for a long time. When it comes to completing a college degree, Continue reading

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